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Oral Hygiene Care Combo | Angled Tooth Stain Remover with Copper Tongue Cleaner Review

Oral Hygiene Care Combo | Angled Tooth Stain Remover with Copper Tongue Cleaner

  • The Oral hygiene care combo is a set of a copper tongue cleaner and a plastic teeth stain remover
  • Great for maintaining oral hygiene, getting rid of plaque, bacteria, yellowing of teeth & bad breath
  • Copper tongue cleaner is designed to scrape out maximum gunk from the surface of tongue
  • The flexible & angled stain remover reaches in every nook and corner to brighten & whiten pale teeth
  • Using these simple hygiene tools will not only keep your mouth healthy but also fresh and bright

Oral hygiene is one of the many things that we judge a person on. Imagine how it would be, if you’re in the office and your breath reeked every time you opened your mouth, or people told you that your shirt was whiter than your teeth are. Humiliating right? Fret not! Health and Yoga’s “oral hygiene care combo” is here to solve your teeth and bad breath issues. Packed with an excellent copper tongue cleaner and an angled teeth stain remover, the hygiene care combo does exactly what it promises; takes care of your oral hygiene. The tongue cleaner is designed so, that it scrapes out maximum gunk without hurting the tongue or invoking any gag reflexes. While the teeth stain remover is flexible and angled to reach every corner of your denture and brighten up your smile. So talk and smile freely, because after using the hygiene care combo you need not worry.

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