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Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser Review

Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser

  • The Only Whitening Water Flosser
  • Connects To Your Shower Head
  • No Batteries Required
  • Removes Plaque Where Traditional Brushing and Flossing Cannot
  • Easy To Use

THE ONLY ALL-IN-ONE FLOSSER THAT WHITENS, CLEANS AND DISINFECTS TEETH The Hydro Pulse Whitening Flosser reaches where traditional flossing cannot, cleaning gums, and whitening teeth. It is the only whitening water flosser that connects to your shower head requiring no batteries or electrical motors. The Whitening Flosser removes plaque where traditional brushing and flossing cannot by using water and pulsation to clean between teeth and under the gum line Invented, designed, created and manufactured by renowned dentist, Dr. Jason Schepis, to 4 Professional Sports franchises, broadway actors, celebrities, and most importantly people from all walks of life. The Whitening Flosser was developed for the everyday patient, but serves the purposes of everyone from the selfie-obsessed model to the hustling home maker. With the expense of dentistry rising, the lack of 100% insurance coverage, and economic down turn, patients have pushed back general prophylactic treatments, important periodontal treatments and have compromised their overall care, most often letting a bad problem get worse. The doctor and his team of engineers developed this product to provide its consumers with a COST EFFECTIVE, convenient way to minimize your expenses and time at the dental office. From treating gum disease to whitening your teeth, The Whitening Flosser achieves it in an amazingly affordable way. Inspired by the iPad and its “simplicity”, The Whitening Flosser is designed to be part of your daily regime. To be so convenient its almost impossible not to use. In years of clinical experience patients who flossed or used some form of water flosser had minimal to no dental care needs. Even though the benefits are undeniable, limitless and extraordinary only a small portion of patients used them. The majority of patients give examples of the ineptitude of the current systems on the market, its not convenient, the motor burns out, its never charged.

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